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[quote=98741]I am well aware how to get to 1120 lines,
But the fact remains that the emulators shows native resolution 239 lines in most games and an integerscale 5x 239 are 1195 lines.
Only when the game is outputs 224 lines 5×224 are 1120 lines, but mostly not.
That’s why too much is cutted with your settings.
The best example you have shown yourself with Final Fantasy.[/quote]

15 of those 239 lines were black, ie, blank space.

I’m pasting this from the post you just replied to:

The SNES is 239 when padded with the black borders. Minus padding, the SNES image is 224 horizontal lines or 1120 at 5x scale.

Just for kicks though let’s say that the SNES was supposed to display the full 1196 lines.

1196 – 1080 = 116, divided by 5 for 5x scale, is 23.2. As mentioned, the overscan area is 10%. 10% of 239 lines is 23.9. 23.2 is less than 23.9 so the amount that is cropped is within the overscan area.

The image was only drawn to 1120 lines though. 1120-1080 = 40, or 8 pixels at 5x scale. So you lose 4 lines from the top and bottom- again, this is well within the range of what actual CRTs would have done.

Again, you are also failing to appreciate that CRTs cropped different amounts off of the top and bottom. There was no single standard.

The rest of your points have already been addressed in my first post.

Re: accuracy, authenticty, etc I think this has already been adequately addressed.

Again you aren’t adequatwly appreciating the degree to which CRTs varied in the amount that they cropped. It wasn’t a waste of cpu space to put those graphics there because some TVs would have displayed more or less ocerscan. Stuff was put in the borders so that you didn’t get a black border on TVs that cropped less. The overscan area acted as a buffer to compensate for the variability in how CRTs were calibrated.

Those comparison shots are thus meaningless because they are either displaying the full frame or they are cropping an arbitrary amount of overscan.

What continues to confound me is that I showed you a direct comparison with an actual consumer crt, but you’re still claiming that 6×5 cuts off too much. That picture got deleted, so maybe you didn’t get a chance to look at it?