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Ok, so I’m no expert on the video output, but I’ve been trying the overscan view on the 240p test suite:

Sticking with SNES as the example, you can get it here:

Here is a screenshot of the settings from you both, both of which seem to show pixels in the overscan area – personally I like that, as there is valid imagery there, it certainly doesnt bother me. But thats a personal thing.

Again, I’m not sure about the validity of the test (Plus my TV has a slightly odd setup due to the 768 pixels and Elgato setup), but its an interesting one to run through.

EDIT: hmm, not convinced about the way my TV scales this, be good to see someone elses opinion

patl settings

patrickm settings (based on overlay-thread

The overscan test in that tool is good as well:

Patrickm settings:
Top: 11 pixels cut
Bottom: 11 pixels cut
Left: 0 pixels cut
Right: 0 pixels cut

patl settings:
Top: 9 pixels cut
Bottom: 10 pixels cut
Left: 0 pixels cut
Right: 0 pixels cut

hmmm – thats on my TV anyway