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Floob: Yes, you can do that.. And I’ll probably just end up changing the PSX ones there.. But from the retroarch emulator options menu that paulieorf showed a screenshot of above, there’s a choice to change the mappings from your controller to the PSX controller.. I am using a wireless Xbox 360 controller (retropie 3 beta 2), and the default mappings of the X, Y, A, and B buttons don’t match the layouts of the square, triangle, cross, and circle buttons (respectively) for a PSX controller.. I guess I could remap X <-> Y and A <-> B and things would work, but then the keys would be backwards in the retroarch menus.. So the ideal solution is for the mapping that’s allowed in the “options” section of the menu to save properly. It works fine to remap the buttons each time I load the emulator.

(note: I’m very sleep deprived today due to an erratic work schedule, so I really hope that what I wrote made sense!)