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bump, here is the scanlines plus aperture grill overlay that I made. You need to set integer scale ON and a custom resolution that is 5x on the y axis in order to use it, for the 5x version. The 4x version needs a resolution that is 4x scale on the Y axis (see: “how to get perfect video scaling”)

Also, be aware that it causes a significant reduction in brightness- I would recommend setting overlay opacity no higher than 70% when using this (with backlight, NOT brightness of your display set at 100%).

Can someone please confirm that this causes a diagonal line through the middle of the screen, with one side brighter than the other? This problem is most noticeable when opacity is set to 100%.

I think this might be a bug with overlays within Retroarch. I hope that it isn’t a problem with the Pi itself.

here is the 5x version of the overlay:

here is the 4x version:

below is a screenshot showing the problem (enlarge to 100%).

I tried making a 720p 3x version but I wasn’t happy with the results since it resulted in a 2/3rd reduction in brightness, so I removed it.