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If you could write up a step by step guide like patl for your preferred settings I could put a video together for that as well and then people can choose which they prefer.

It really is a personal choice. Cigarettes are bad for peoples health – no question – but they still smoke. Its personal choice. Personally I really like the way that the overlays work in the config by patl, but I am more than happy to try your settings.

Is it these 12 steps that are best for that?

Would you like me to update it so you dont need to do anything in RGUI?


Picture quality is not personal choice because we’re talking about an objective set of standards. For example, avoiding artifacts is one requirement. The fewer the number of artifacts, the better the picture quality is in this regard.

One might say that using the best picture settings or not is a matter of personal choice, however. And there may be some considerations which may lead one to not want the best picture settings – see the example of my dad, above.

Those twelve steps should do it, but I didn’t include how to save the settings. Some videos would be excellent :)