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Thanks, I’m getting further now.

2 things left. In ir-fba I can’t quit a game, I dont see the line to edit?

# Keyboard input, Joypad and Joyaxis will all obey the “nul” bind, which disables the bind completely,
# rather than relying on a default.
input_player1_a = z
input_player1_b = x
input_player1_y = a
input_player1_x = s
input_player1_start = w
input_player1_select = q
input_player1_l = c
input_player1_r = v
input_player1_left = left
input_player1_right = right
input_player1_up = up
input_player1_down = down
# input_player1_l2 =
# input_player1_r2 =
# input_player1_l3 =
# input_player1_r3 =

And you mention I need to I need to use a hotkey to add a filter to my graphics like bilinear, how do I do this as I don’t have a hotkey?