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[quote=98036]There is no upscaling if display and render resolutions are equal. Be aware your display resolution could be some pixels smaller if overscan (config.txt) is enabled. So if render resolution is 1920×1080 and your display resolution is 1910×1070 (overscan) there could be scaling artifacts.

If performance is ok i would recommend render = display resolution. If performance is to low (shaders, emulation speed) a mix of hardware upscaling and lower render resolutions should be used. Hardware upscaling is for free and needs no processing power.

I have not seen any input lag with hardware upscaling. Thought threaded video causes a small input lag.


Hi, I made an aperture grill/phosphor overlay for use on the retropie, since the shaders cause performance issues at 1080p.

I created the overlay by drawing vertical black lines across the screen, 1 pixel wide and spaced 1 pixel apart. Combined with the scanline overlay I created, it should give a nice recreation of the phosphors on an aperture grill CRT.

However, I’m noticing some strange issues when I apply the overlay. There are numerous artifacts when the overlay is applied. The most noticeable is a diagonal tear going from the bottom left to the top right, with the upper half of the screen being significantly lighter colored. There is also a vertical line extending from the center of the screen straight up.

do you have any idea what could be causing these artifacts?