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I have found out that all roms work in main folder, originals and clones.
None work in subfolders. Even clones with parents.

I must have dreamt that some worked in subfolders, because now i can’t get a single one to start there.

clrmamepro is really to complicated for me to start with now. I started with a Mame-0.37b5 set that is supposed to work with retropie. But there were so many that didn’t work, so i used that to build a new set with clrmamepro (after watching a video how to do it), but the result was an almost identical romset. Then i found in a forum someone who had made a set that worked in retropie and he posted the complete set. That is the one i am running now.
But there are all clones also and i don’t want them.

I just think mame overall is to complicated nowdays.
Even setting up a vpin computer is much easier.