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[quote=98048]A key reason for using the existing retroarch.cfg files is the internal reference to the overarching retroarch.cfg in the /all folder – which in turn pulls in the autoconfig controller files.

I’ll hopefully have time this weekend to do a guide.
If you want to give me a specific shader or scanline setting example to try I’ll base the video on that.


It seems like in an older version of the script, the internal references were carried over to the core-specific config when it was saved. Maybe that isn’t the case any more?

Would it be possible to bypass needing to edit config files by doing the following under general settings:
-configuration per core: ON
-configuration save on exit: ON

Would this work?

A video explaining the following would be excellent:
-how to get proper integer video scaling and set a custom ratio (needed to get proper scanlines)
-how to properly set the scanline overlays in the OP (both the 4x version and the 5x version)
-how to apply the dotmask shader
-how to save these settings