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Awesome, nice finding! I have a feeling we’re getting there :)

Problem is that my self made adapter gets recongnized as a 6 axis, 8 button adaptor. Both joysticks connect to the same adapter and the adapter maps to js0. Using my device, there is no other option than to be able to manually configure/map controls or to have controls detected (like Vice does).

However..as I have a retro gaming evening planned for tomorrow with an old friend (we do that every now and then :) ), I’m thinking to quickly use your solution and use that for the time being. The main question I have: how did you go about manually installing the DB9 GPIO driver? Could you please guide me somewhat as I’m lacking time?

The other thing I need to find out is how to send audio over HDMI. Saw a thread about it and tried the solution but it didn’t work. Will try some more tonight.


PS: have you seen this one? https://www.petrockblock.com/forums/topic/uae4arm-the-best-amiga-emulation-on-the-rpi/