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Not really ideal if you dont have a lot of space on your SD card.

Meh. microSD cards are cheap so there should be no reason to run anything smaller than 16GB. Running a 32GB Class 10 with 2700 roms + the OS and only utilizing 14.32GB with all console games unzipped. No issues and no mess (duplicates). I’ll take that.


Each to their own. All my roms are originally zipped so why bother unzipping them first and then copying them to the pi (and using over double the storage space). If the emulators work with zipped roms then it’s a no-brainer. The only ones that leave duplicates are NES. We just have to leave those unzipped until it gets fixed. Luckily they are small ROMs.

I also have a 32gb card but some people will just use the 8gb card that came with the Pi and if they use zipped roms then they can get a lot on there.