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[quote=96767]Very nice, thx!

But basically what I´m hearing is, that even when it works the first time, i could encounter problems as soon as i restart the pi isnt it? And whats with 2 controllers? Will it even get harder to make them work long term?

I really would love to build myself a retro SNES-Station, I even have the SNES hardware in which i wanted to stick the Pi, but if its that huge of a deal, maybe i´ll just stick to plugging my mac the the hdmi cable and having a well working emulation machine.. :(

What do you think? Will the pi work stable once it works with the 2 controllers?



I didn’t have any issues pairing a second controller. Just go through the steps to pair the first one, once you get that down, then it’s a matter of simply plugging in the second controller, waiting until the LEDs flash, unplugging it and pressing the PS button to sync it.

The only issue I ran into was that both controllers had the P1 led lit, so I trimmed up a post-it note and labeled which controller was which. I just thought that’s the way it had to be. It wasn’t until I setup a second RetroPie for my brother that I saw the LEDs light up correctly, P1 for the first controller and P2 for the second.

Not sure what happened, but I’ve since got the LEDs to behave correctly on both systems!

I also found another thread that tendonut started, to power off the controllers when not in use. You just need to hold down the PS button for 10 seconds or so until the controller powers off. So that’ll definitely help in the future if you leave your Pi powered on 24/7 like I do.

Hope you get your controllers working. You’re almost there! Another thought could be your Bluetooth dongle but if the PS3 controller driver script detected it then you should be fine. I tried 3 different ones before I settled on the Iogear GBU521, which worked perfectly.