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I have a pi2, just got it going using a method, super easy:

$ git clone
$ cd Raspicade-Retrogame-2Player-Pi2
$ make

Retrogame requires the uinput kernel module. This is already present on the system but isn’t enabled by default. For testing, you can type:

sudo modprobe uinput

To make this persistent between reboots, append a line to /etc/modules (or edit the file) :

sudo sh -c ‘echo uinput >> /etc/modules’

Now we’re in good shape to test it! Retrogame needs to be run as root (need access to memory), i.e.:
sudo ./retrogame

Give it a try. If it seems to be working, press control+C to stop the program and we’ll then set up the system to launch this automatically in the background at startup.

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Before the final “exit 0” line, insert this line:

/home/pi/Raspicade-Retrogame-2Player-Pi2/retrogame &

If you placed the software in a different location, this line should be changed accordingly. “sudo” isn’t necessary here because the rc.local script is already run as root.

Reboot the system to test the startup function:

sudo reboot