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[quote=96289]Please tell me you have found a solution as I have the same issue (new to retropie – just started playing with it yesterday). Have a defender gamepad ( When I boot up – retropie detects my gamepad. Then when I hold any button to configure I can configure all buttons but instead of going to OK (checked it with keyboard 0 works fine) setup goes to UP button and not allowing me to do anything. Tries with latest 2.6 and 3.0b2.[/quote]

I have the exact same problem as you. Stuck trying to configure controller in emulation station by being stuck at the top of the menu. Feels like UP is constantly being pressed.

I’m using PS2 controller with USB adaptors that worked on a RPi 1 with older version of retropie.

Seems a big bug has slipped in… gutted as I bought a RPi2 to use RetroPie :(