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To your previous questions about graphics and your marquee:
1) I used Photoshop to create my graphics and took the .psd files to my local print shop. Cost me $38 to have the control panel, monitor bezel and marquee graphics printed. Make sure you select actual measurements when creating your graphics so that they are to scale.

2) For the marquee, do NOT have them print it on normal paper. I made this mistake the first go around and it didn’t look good. When backlit, you can see the papers grains and it looks funky. Have them print your marquee on photo paper. For my marquee, I cut two identical pieces of plexiglass and then sandwiched my print in between them. Once it was all squared up with the print nicely lined up inside, take some masking tape and run it along the top and bottom essentially taping the two pieces of plexi together. I then utilized 3/4″ aluminum angle to fasten it to the marquee spot on my cab.