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I am not sure what I am doing wrong. No matter how I change the file, N64 reacts the exact same way. EVERY key seems to be “A” and I can’t test the joystick because I can’t get the “start” button to work for “start”. This is what I added to the inputautocfg.ini file…. but when I start the N64 emulator, I do NOT see the YELLOW text telling me what joystick it is using (like it does in every other emulator). My best guess is that it is NOT loading the file at all?

[GPIO Controller 1]
plugged = True
plugin = 2
mouse = False
DPad R = axis (+0)
DPad L = axis (-0)
DPad D = axis (+1)
DPad U = axis (-1)
Start = button (7)
Z Trig = button(2)
B Button = button(5)
A Button = button(0)
C Button R =
C Button L =
C Button D =
C Button U =
R Trig = button(4)
L Trig = button(3)
Mempak switch =
Rumblepak switch =
X Axis =
Y Axis =