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Hi, thx for your reply!:)

Hm ok, but the gfx problem only apears when im using the N64 emulator namned only N64 (when im extract all Roms in folder N64).
When im using emulator mupen64plus (add all the Roms to folder mupen64plus) the gfx works fine but then the controller doesnt work..

Do u think it can help to do the expermentall install anyway?.

Ok, i have tried both to copy the controller settings il get when im configurate my controller to retroarch (UBS_retroarch.cfg) to autoinput.ini.file.
Am also try to Add the controller information u wrote, but for my gamepad ofcurse. But nothing works.

Can anyone show me exactly what i have to add to autoinput.ini.file according to my snes controller? :)