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try the expermental mupen64plus. you can install it from the retopie setup/source based installs. fix most all gfx problems i have on mine. as for the controller mupen64plus wont see it unless it is in the autoinput.ini file in the configs/n64 folder. i had to take the save file that retroroach made for my controller and add it to that INI file then mupen64plus used it. i had to add this to that file..

[Jess Tech GGE909 PC Recoil Pad]
plugged = True
plugin = 2
mouse = False
AnalogDeadzone = 4096,4096
AnalogPeak = 32768,32768
DPad R = hat(0 Right)
DPad L = hat(0 Left)
DPad D = hat(0 Down)
DPad U = hat(0 Up)
Start = button(9)
Z Trig = button(7)
B Button = button(0)
A Button = button(2)
C Button R = axis(3+)
C Button L = axis(3-)
C Button D = axis(2+)
C Button U = axis(2-)
R Trig = button(6)
L Trig = button(4)
Mempak switch = button(10)
Rumblepak switch = button(11)
X Axis = axis(0-,0+)
Y Axis = axis(1-,1+)