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Well some small progress. If I configure 4 of the buttons e.g. non stick pins to the stick controls I get the desired movement. Same effect if I switch the pin headers over. Stick moves smooth. This I guess is a work around. It suggests to me that it’s the USB interface that’s responsible. If I could flash the chip I could make it all go away. Maybe…

Alternatively maybe the emulators are able to identify the 4 pins assigned to stick in the chip, through means of the signal from the interface card, and are applying rapid fire to them or something…

I just tested something else here on that thought. I noticed Gyruss on Mame4All TAB has rapid fire options. I assigned one to the fire button and it fires in small rapid bursts with pauses just like the stick moves.

This is the interface I’m using:

Is anyone else using this? If so how does it behave for you?