Just got a Rii BT mini keyboard and having the exact same issue. I am running 3.0 from the update script binaries install.

I have searched Google for the exact error message and several other closely related terms trying a multitude of troubleshooting steps. Nothing has worked so far. Your post got me thinking about PS3 controller, which paired fine but I can’t use because the analog sticks are too sensitive.

I just uninstalled the sixad package and rebooted. That finally got rid of my dbus error message. Running the bluez-simple-agent command now gives me “Creating device failed: org.bluez.Error.ConnectionAttemptFailed: Page Timeout”. I am at work now ssh’d into the pi, so I can’t press the BT pairing button on the keyboard to do a full test, but I am hopeful with this progress. Even when the keyboard wasn’t in pairing mode before, it would still give me the same dbus error you got above, so this is new.

I know that doesn’t completely help you if you want to continue using the PS3 controller over BT, but at least it narrowed down the problem. I’ll post my progress later tonight when I get back home.