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Yeah, that’s the dat I used.

The that clrmamepro creates actually doesn’t work for me. It loads roms to a black screen. I do have a working bios that I’ve been using since retropie 2.4 or so. I tried that both with and without the uni bios, but saw no difference. I don’t think the problem is the bios though, since it’s occurring before that’s even loaded?

I tried gnGEO again just now, from a cold boot, and got a load time of a little over 14 minutes for G:MotW, including two minutes of “decrypting…”. :\

So, I tried a new experiment. I dropped my gpu_mem down to 64. Loading time for G:MotW was down to a consistent 23 seconds over 5 attempts using PiFBA. Gameplay was very slow, however, and I had to hide all my other romsets so that EmulationStation would display at all. This is roughly how fast it loaded on previous installs, with a 128 split and playable gameplay speed. Not sure why this would have changed.

In light of this, I’m tempted to toy with CMA (dynamic memory split), but that seems quite the potential rabbit hole, and quite silly if it’s working as-is for everyone else.