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The Moon looks great with the hyllian glow! I like the effect of thicker lines for brighter colors. Having never seen a Sony BVM in real life, I expect that is near to what it should look like. I want to get rid of a “blocky” pixel vision.

I tried to find your recommended shaders, but they were not on my system (retropie 2.6 image). So I downloaded the common shader set from libretro github, converted them using themaister’s script (via Nvidia CG Toolkit), which at least allows my to use the caligari shader now. But the hyllian glow had parse errors and looks far from correct.

I copied the CRT set from 3.0 beta to my 2.6 shaders, but had the same LEX/PARSE errors with the glow sub shaders. So I’ll stick with caligari.