[quote=94456]Got any screenshots on how the led strip is wired into a PSU? I guess I will have an extension lead in the back with the monitor and pi 2 attached.[/quote]

Here is my current setup, but this is changing to add in the main power switch and when I get my ATX PSU in-hand. I attached the amp to the same protoboard that is running the power rail for the LEDs (on the left of the board) so I could have them all powered by the same PSU. I will run the power lines from the amp to the same power rail and have that tapped into the ATX.

That power rail is 12v, so it is powering the LED strips and the triangle buttons on the front of the machine (they are 12v also.)


[quote=94456]Where does the joystick and illuminated buttons get their power from?[/quote]

On the ones I ordered from eBay, the LEDs in the buttons are 5v and pull power through the USB connection to the Pi.

[quote=94459]did the joysticks that Arcade USB kit have on ebay make any annoying “click” sounds when push arround[/quote]

No clicking on the LED buttons, but the 1 & 2 player and triangle buttons, as well as the joysticks all use the push button micro switches, so you get the “click.”

[quote=94456]So these uses one congtroller for both players?[/quote]

These have individual boards for each player with an independent USB cable for each.

[quote=94459]Why do some use the ipac2 and others the usb method?[/quote]

From what I understand, the ipac system emulates a keyboard (best suited for PC builds) for usage when you can only (or easily) assign button configurations to keyboard layouts instead of USB controllers. The Pi has no issue identifying most USB controllers – or at least with a little tweaking.

[quote=94459]What did you use to cover the monitor, plastic or glass?[/quote]

I used acrylic (plexiglass)

[quote=94459]How did you power the led strips and install a dimmer, very smart idea![/quote]

The power layout is above, and the dimmer will be a 10k potentiometer with a 1-450ohm resistor (haven’t tested yet) in line to keep the LEDs from blowing out.