Thanks! The fix works in order to get the dreamcast running, but I can’t play a game. When I press play it says please insert a game disc. I have a .cdi game in the roms folder- is there a config file I’m supposed to modify to tell the dreamcast where to look for my games or a menu that I’m missing?


I found it: I added the game path to


I changed

sudo ./reicast.elf -config config:image=""
sudo ./reicast.elf -config config:image="/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/dreamcast/scalibur.cdi"

and it ran- It was a little sluggish on my Pi2 with no overclock, my snes controller worked fine even with the hardcoding of the controls. then I just pressed ctrl+c to exit.

Supposedly someone was able to get sound working with a few modifications before compiling on this thread, might be worth looking into: