[quote=92870]Right, I’ve just tried again to update from 2.6 to 3.0, using the updated script you mentioned in the post #92853. I updated all the emulators I use including retroarch and emulationstation. All emulators which do not use retroarch seem ok. I didn’t use my old configs at all.

The following libretro cores work ok:


I cannot get lr-picodrive, lr-prboom, or lr-fba to work. I did not even update lr-prboom with the latest binary. It was working fine under 2.6 and now not under the retroarch which has been installed under 3.0. Loading a rom with picrodrive or lr-fba returns a Segmentation Fault.

What now?

Just a thought: Check the /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg.

Look up your emulator in es_systems.cfg and make sure the rom file matches with where you stored your roms.