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Hey Jiggawatt thanks for the reply.

Hmmm it kind of worked but then I got same sequential lights and off, so maybe I did have them paired properly but just didn’t see the following error until I now. This is the output;

sixad-bin[2726]: started
sixad-bin[2726]: sixad started, press the PS button now
sixad-sixaxis[2729]: started
sixad-sixaxis[2729]: Connected 'PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (04:98:F3:33:BC:52)' [Battery 00]
sixad-sixaxis[2729]: Bad Sixaxis buffer (out of battery?), disconneting now...

Now, both controllers have been fully charged. According to the PS3, they are both at 100%.

I think I’ll leave them on charge for a couple of hours again and see if the ps3 is just showing it wrong for some reason although, seems unlikely doesn’t it?