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Seems like a royal pain in the arse! I’ve got it to start games as referred to in the other thread (which I shall ask to be removed if it’s gonna just cause problems). It just seems to crash at the same point for each game I’ve tried (which I am wildly guessing is when it wants to access the memory stick). I guess I’ll just leave it to the people who know what they’re doing, such as yourself.

I was doing some reading on the official RPi forums and people who have been successful have only been so using an OS other than wheezy. IIRC the guy thinks it’s to do with arm6 libraries being used.

Would the RetroPie Setup script work with Jessie? Either Debian Jessie or simply changing the apt sources in Raspbian Wheezy to jessie and doing dist-upgrade?

I have plenty of sd cards and I’m having fun testing things at the minute as I’m still just learning a lot.