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[quote=89706]Well, it is not that easy, of course.

First of all, a big thank you for the people who worked on the different pieces of the puzzle making the .img uploaded by Buzz.

However, tons of things are missing. First, why is there only a Genesys logo and not a proper Megadrive one? We have the proper Megadrive name referenced 2 millions in all the different paths and so on, but 0 logo???

Also, no Famicom, Super Famicom, and so on… We are not all American, might be good to have the real proper original name and logo of those machines.

And I can already see people saying : “If you are not happy with it, then why don’t you do it?”. Well, I tried. I even downloaded Inkscape, made my .svg and so on… But the next second you dare to change anything, you will end up with a ES segment fault, go F yourself, I don’t boot anymore error. That is correct, swapping something as simple as a .svg file will just mess up the whole thing 99% of the time. And during the last 1%, I could implement a png, but there is no alpha channel and they look like crap. This is the less custom friendly thing ever.

So if any rocket scientist could think of some of us living outside the US, that would be amazing! The work has been done half properly for the PC Engine for example. Supporting Japanese characters in ES would be nice as well, I am sick of seeing all those half ass romaji all over the place.


I am the author of the official ‘simple’ theme and UI artist for ES.

First of all, the ES ‘simple’ theme was made with focus on the US system names. But you are right, in the case of Genesis/Mega Drive there are different games for each system as many of the US games were not released in Europe. You can contribute a theme for that, if you like. There is an official thread in the ES forum over here:

Secondly, your problems with SVG most likely originate from not using decent software. Inkscape is just crap. Better use Adobe Illustrator, if you can afford it.