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More images from work done this weekend. Had to rework the front panels to get the angles right both for the diamond-shaped front as well as the downward slope so that took a long time. Test fit all the major components together, finished drilling out the screw holes (will be fitting the whole thing together with both screws as well as glue) and made sure that the speaker grills were good to go. Also designed it such that when complete we’ll be able to remove the top control panel if we don’t like the joysticks or buttons and just re-make that piece rather than have to scrap the whole thing.

To do next weekend:
1. Few more minor cuts needed.
2. Going to re-cut the control panel piece from hardwood instead of MDF as we want it a bit more sturdy once we start to cut holes in it for joysticks and buttons.
3. Finish the assembly and paint.

To do this week:
1. Design and order marquee, plexiglass and lighting.