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I have been able to get some games to work in atari 800 with my xbox 360 controller. Admittedly, I haven’t messed with it much yet though, as I only got the roms to launch at all yesterday morning. The difficult part for me, was getting the config file set up correctly. The file is named atari800.cfg, in order to get roms to start, you need to fill in all of the top section of the file manually to point to the BIOS files, like in this example:

There are 5 total BIOS files you need for both atari 800 and atari 5200 roms. So far, playing around with the emulator menu, I can get 5200 roms to launch, but I haven’t figured out how to launch them directly from ES yet. Atari 800 roms so far work perfectly for me.

Did you know that you can have multiple configurations for your xbox 360 controller? it’s possible to map keyboard keys to buttons for example in one configuration, then switch to that configuration by pressing the xbox button.

Take a look at this, particularly where it mentions –next-config and –ui-buttonmap:

I think using something like this when you start up xboxdrv might do it:

--next-config --wid 0 --led 2 --ui-buttonmap dl=KEY_4,dr=KEY_6,du=KEY_8,dd=KEY_2,a=KEY_0,y=KEY_SPACE --deadzone 4000 --silent

…actually, I think you may even be able to tweak that further to be able to navigate the menu to launch 5200 roms. I’ll play with it later tonight and report back