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[quote=82350]Just added mupen64plus-libretro core to RetroPie-Setup. Because retroarch is used it is possible to exit the emulator with game pad and save/load states. The problem is you need at least 1GHz OC and there must be 384MB of ram available (set GPU men 128MB). Otherwise games will be too slow or the rpi hangs after time because low memory.

How to install:
-Close emulationstation with “F4″

cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo git pull
sudo ./retropie_setup.sh
select Experimental
select mupen64plus-libretro core

If you are brave enough start “sudo raspy-config” and set memory split and OC.


Using this method, the hotkey seems to be “start” so, for example, on Mario64 when it says “Press Start”…doing so will cause the game to exit.