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you would be better off with a 360 controller for n64
snes ones don’t have enough buttons, a 360 will have 3 buttons to spare

is it running through retroarch? if so i have configs for that (these are the ones i use on my linux desktop/laptop, they dont include specal performance options to run under the rpi that are in the stock configs)
i attached my controller configs
i use snestap for snes (you will need to update your core for multitap to work) (player 3/4 use 360 controller)
i use snes for gb, gb, gba, nes
i use ps1 for psx (360 controller)
i use n64 for n64 (360 controller)
i use atari for atari 2600
i use sega for segacd, gega32x. megadrive, mastersystem