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^^^ Same as this post’s author. I have zero experience with Linux and zero experience with terminal commands. Most of the recommendations expect you’ll know what buttons to push and how to save files. There seems to be some knowledge that is presumed.

I’ve yet to find a video that provides a working solution for the current retropie release and none that walk nOObs through this. I’ve spend more than 10 hours trying to get a controller set up.

I’m confused at how such a popular emulation platform for such a popular computer doesn’t have a very straight forward process for something as basic as controller set-up.

Secondarily I’m surprised that given the number of people reporting trouble getting their controllers to work that someone hasn’t created a definitive walk-through for beginners or that a patch hasn’t been released to make this better.

It took me all of a few hours to get the image flashed to the SD card, and put some Roms on it. At least 3 times that has been spent on controller configuration failures.