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Floob I will have to look into that and see if it works. I will get back to you now I am having to work on expending the volume its a 64gb card and only using 8gb and its full.

MZP its no hijack, wish I could help you more in return. Look I think I had some sort of incomplete or corrupt install or I really messed up permissions and or the code somewhere. A fresh install following these instructions should work.

Berry boot
Install retro-pie 2.3
exit it run sudo ./retropie_setup.sh
update scripts – succeded
run sudo ./retropie_setup.sh
run binary normal setup – alot of items seems like they failed
run install xbox driver — failed with force yes not used
run register retro-arch controller
Launch WinSCP
Move over a nes test rom so more emulators show up and I can test controller
When station starts setup controller from menu
launch new rom – controller finally worked yay!