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[quote=82077]I got mine working over Bluetooth (with ASUS BT dongle). There are still some issues with it, but it works… I assume you have the latest RetroPie version. I struggled with the v1… but the new one works for me. You can set up your PS3 over BT just from RetroPie setup cd RetroPie-Setup/ sudo ./ I think under Advance, there is the PS3 option.
But overall, wire is probably easier with less issues… Maybe it’s just me.

Cheers n-marek; I set it up with the latest version of RetroPie this time (rather than 1.10…)

I’ll have a little look at it now, but I tried setting it up the other day with the options in the emulation stations main menu and it was really hit and miss.

I didn’t try the advanced options though, I’ll try that now.