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I have been doing some research and been trying some stuff out. After trying allot of things i finaly am able to start the emulator on the screen by forcing fb0 to output on fb1 (copy it). So now the emulator starts on the screen but whenever I start a game i can’t see the game and the screen crashes… anyone got some help for me?
ps: weard thing! somehow nukedukem3d does work on the screen. why is a mistery to me and i am unable to find the diference between dukenukem3d and the other games.
thx, Shaoq

So, how did you force fb0 output through fb1? I’m a beginner at this and don’t really know how to do it myself, so some simple instructions would be nice… It would be nice to at least play Ducke Nukem when I make mine and figure out the rest from there, maybe have a backup SD card with CupCade too.