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I got my controllers working perfectly using method 3 by building a RetroPie image from scratch. The 1.10 image has ‘issues’. First there’s the xboxdrv not working right without ‘blackisting’ xpad, but the much bigger issue (in my case) is that with the 1.10 image, my Pi crashed on bootup every time with my (powered) USB hub attached. Booted fine if the hub wasn’t attached, and no problems whatsoever with the Raspian Wheezy image and the hub attached. Setting up RetroPie from scratch had its own set of issues, the main one being the setup simply doesn’t work out of the box. It tries to install packages using the -y switch, but a LOT of packages couldn’t be verified, so MANY failed. I had to modify all of the scripts to add ‘–force-yes’ to every ‘apt-get’ command. After I did that, RP installed and works. The only thing remaining is the audio over HDMI sucks – mostly crackling.