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Need help here please!

When using pifba as mame emulator = roms opened, poor resolution, could use the retroarch input controller configuration within the games.

When changed to mame4all = roms opened, much better resolution, could NOT use usb controller. Have entered input configuration and set up joypad again (only on retroarch and dgen, because gngeo gives me “sript error”).

It seems that mame4all, uses another joypad configuration rather then retroarch…

A note: i already use my joypad in the emulestation menu, just can’t figure out to get it work on the games.

Tried to create the /pi/.gngeo/gngeorcinput to configure a joypad thru the emulestation on inputconfiguration and the “script” error has gone, in sum i’ve configured the joypad to “retroarch” + “Dgen” + “Gngeo”, but still dont get it to work.

It seems the path of the joypad configuration that MAME uses is different from pifba. But where do i see this?

Sorry for long text. Please help!!