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update 1
games add to:
-dos (total 36)
-nes (total 2)
-snes (total 1)

currently working on
-dos games over 4000 games to check
-a new site for spreadsheet

tested psx games
-Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack 1 London 1969 patched (patch means does not need gta 1 to play this game some may know on psx you needed gta 1 to play this game london 1969 patch to play without gta 1 works on raspberry/retropie tested. )

-changed dos, nes, snes looks
-sorting filter has issues
-spreadsheet is flash so may be slower then other online spreadsheets

Dos Tips
-keep folder names under 8 characters or will you get invalid path
-run setup.exe helps get games going
-sound blaster works for most games(in setup.exe select sound blaster for sound and music if the option is there)
-to find version of game you are using(read the readme, helpme file, run setup or run game watch boot process)


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