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1) Although the controller works fine with all the emulators, How do i configure the controller for individual emulators? Does this involve editing the retrocharch.cfg file in the relevant emulator folder?

That depends on the emulator you are using. Only the retroarch cores will use the retroarch.cfg files in the different folders. Most other emulators (mame4all-pi, pifba, gpsp, etc.) use their own config files. Check the folders in RetroPie/emulators/ for the different config files.

4) I can start the PSX emulator fine but get the yellow text ‘Bios not found..expect’ message. I have put the file schp1001.bin in the /home/pi/RetroPie/emulatorcores folder and its also in the roms\psx folder (filename is in lowercase).
Any ideas? What problem will be caused by the psx emu not detecting the bios (if any).

I think Retroarch looks in the Bios folder for the different system bios. You can either change the config or move the bios in that folder. Check the retroarch.cfg for the specific folder.

I don’t have a xbox controller so i have no idea about that.