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Yes. I downloaded a couple of games that support it (Street Fighter 2, Spider-man: Maximum Carnage, etc.). I tested them out in a Windows emulator (gens) and all 6 buttons work fine. I then copied the games over to the raspberry pi and put them in the appropriate directories. Please note that I’m using the exact same controller to play it on Windows and the pi. I just unplugged it from my PC and plugged it into the pi. I know the controller isn’t the problem because if I re-assign the b,a,y keys to the top 3 buttons of the controller in retroarch.cfg like this:

input_player1_b_btn = 3
input_player1_a_btn = 4
input_player1_y_btn = 5

Then the top 3 buttons (x,y,z) work fine and the bottom 3 buttons (the A, B, and C) don’t do anything.

The problem is that I don’t know the names of the inputs in retroarch.cfg for the other 3 inputs.

I found this forum post from one of the main contributors to RetroArch that says, “Note that every console projects its own controller onto the RetroPad, which we have defined to be essentially the SNES controller + PS1 DualAnalog extensions (L2, L3, R2, R3 and two analog sticks). I don’t remember what C and Z buttons map to, but it’s probably L/R or something.”

The problem is that I’ve attempted to use L and R, and they are not working. This page (http://picodrive.acornarcade.com/picodrive/info.html) makes it appear that the x,y,z buttons do not work with picodrive. If that’s the case, then what is the process for getting RetroArch to use a different emulator core other than picodrive?