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[quote=6150]Hello, I followed your guide to install mame4all-pi and it worked just fine, thank you. Performance is much better now!

However, I have 2 problems:<br>
1. The installation somehow changed the resolution of both emuluationstation and the emulators itself so that now, they are “boxed”, meaning that the screen is only a box within my TV. They are still displayed in the correct aspect ratio (16:9 for emulationstation, 4:3 for emulators/games) but not fullscreen anymore. How can I change that back to what it was before??<br>
2. How can I use my gamepad in mame4all? It works fine with every other emulator and in emulationstation but not in mame4all.

thank you!!

Hi, to configure your gamepad connect a usb keyboard and press tab when you run mame4all-pi, this will bring up the GUI and you can map your buttons in there, including GUI keys (back/exit is the exit emulator key) Also check out mame.cfg for other options.

Regarding the resolution I have no idea why that has happened, installing mame4all-pi shouldn’t mess with any settings like that. Double check your config.txt, or it could be a setting on your tv.