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OK so from the same source I gots me the I gots me a copy of mslug (thought I’d try another game for s***ts and giggles.

This time it’s a different problem – I have all the audio and I can hear my weapons being fired if I furiously hit the buttons but all I have in relation to OSD after apparently inserting my coin is a sky blue background, level and credit text at the bottom of the screen and the arms/bomb count and insert coin for second player flashing at me at top of screen – sheesh.

So is this like so many people say that it is a matter of finding the right BIOS and the right ROM and then you MIGHT get results or am I having yet another issue here?

Freakin hell – there has to be an easier way – take this as a joke cause it is one but for bejesus’es sake I’m just about ready to do some real shooting if this don’t co-operate shortly and I mean pronto!!!!