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Réponse de Aloshi :

There isn’t really a good place to change things that aren’t per-system (like the menu stuff), so there isn’t an easy way to do it, unfortunately. Same for a “switch systems” sound.

If you aren’t afraid of changing the source code, you can change the hard-coded values.

For the menu stuff, (/home/pi/supplementary/EmulationStation/) src/components/GuiMenu.cpp, line 14:
std::shared_ptr<Font> font = Font::get(*mWindow->getResourceManager(), Font::getDefaultPath(), FONT_SIZE_LARGE);

Change this to:
std::shared_ptr<Font> font = Font::get(*mWindow->getResourceManager(), “/home/pi/MY_FONT.ttf”, 0.07f * Renderer::getScreenHeight());

(Change the path and 0.07 as you like)

Line 16 controls the “selected text” color:

Change the 0000FFFF to your favorite RGBA hex color (make sure it starts with 0x!).

To change the color of the items on the menu, lines 79-88:
mList->addObject(“Settings”, “es_settings”, 0x0000FFFF);

Again, change 0000FFFF to whatever you

After changing the file, go to the root of the EmulationStation directory (/home/pi/supplementary/EmulationStation) and run “make” to recompile. After that your changes should take effect.

Malheureusement je n’ai pas trouvé le dossier et le fichier a modifier dans ma raspberry par SSH.