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[quote=4934]…have you tried this version, it boots right into a gui

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[/quote]I tried that one yesterday, and…
Wow at the speed! I’m running both Turrican and Turrican 2 in full speed, with sound, in this emulator. The titlescreen lags a bit but once the game is started it’s running great. The uae4rpi emulator that came with RetroPie 1.9.1 runs at about 40 or so fps.

There is always a but. I can’t boot the games from EmulationStation with uae4all-rpi, it boots directly to the GUI no matter what game I try to boot it with.

Does anyone know what parameter I should choose in uae4all-rpi to boot with a game instead of booting into the GUI?

I’ve tried
./uae4all-rpi -s floppy0=df0.adf
./uae4all-rpi -s gui_use=no

But it just goes into the GUI with no disk/adf loaded.