Just fixed the problem. Here is the fix in my way:

First I downloaded it off this site. The one I downloaded was a broken version someone altered. Then make sure to plug in the ethernet, HDMI, keyboard and power supply. Then I went to the wiki on how to install :https://github.com/retropie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/First-Installation

I followed the steps kind of exact, it said that there was already a folder for one of these steps so I just skipped that part. After I used Cyberduck to transfer all of my ROMS into the SD card. After that, Also keep in mind that It kicks you straight to the one part where it shows the binary download and others. There should be a reboot. Select that. Then after, it should load up with the ROMS. It was working for me, my first game being The Legend of Zelda.
I have not tried all the ROMS but thoes were the main ones. Now for some reason DOOM does not work. Don’t really care for it but it would be nice to use.