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[quote=4565]How did you obtain the artworks and meta data for the MAME games? Manually or with a script?[/quote]

For the Capcom System 1 & 2 I built the gameslist manually. Not too bad since there are less than 100 titles and I have a nice organized collection of game artwork & metadata from Hyperspin arcade front end software.

Real cool to have my themes added to RetroPie. It’s an honor. Thanks for all your work on this great project!

[quote=4566]Could you possibly post all your other themes?[/quote]

I’ve made modifications to some of the included themes but only subtle changes to the ones I didn’t post (e.g., moving the Sega Genesis box art down a little). Right now I am working on a theme for a 2-Player-only NES category so I’ll be posting that soon. My other themes are just slight variations on what is already available.