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I have tried .37b5 roms and rom sets zipped and unzipped. I think that the issue is not knowing where the emulator is looking for its data. The default mame emulator (I think advMAME) is not reading any of the roms, and the “rom” folder for mame4all-pi is nowhere to be found. I have looked both in the home>pi>RetroPie>roms directories, as well as the home>pi>RetroPie>emulators>mame4all-pi directory. There is no “rom” folder or “mame4all-pi” sub-folder in “roms”.

I never installed the emulator – I am just using the current version of RetroPie which has mame4all-pi on it. When I run the .exe from the GUI it runs but tells me there are no roms.

I don’t know if reinstalling the emulator would re-create the source path if it is missing, but I don’t know how I would go about re-installing as it is no longer available in the pi store and I’m a complete noob. I’ve downloaded it from the source site and transferred it to my pi, but don’t know where to go from there.