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[quote=4236]Great work, really tidy. Could you tell me how you wired the SNES power button to the micro usb cable and what tools I would need to do this? Also what filler/resin did you use to set the extension ports in the back of the SNES?[/quote]

Thanks, It was a fun project and I am still tinkering with it when I have time. As for the power button I bought micro usb male to female extensions cable and removed the rubber shielding in the middle then I cut the red wire (+5v line) in half. Then I soldered one end of the snes power button wire to one half of the usb wire and then other halves together. So when the SNES button is on the circuit will be closed and allow power to run through it. And when off the circuit is open.

As for filler I just used hot glue. Its not the best but it gets the job done. I just wanted to hold the ports in place and it worked out well. The Raspberry Pi doesn’t get to hot so not worried about the glue remelting.

The tools I used are pretty basic:
Solder Iron
Dikes/Tin Snips
Rotary Tool/Dremel
Hot Glue
Gambit to open SNES (replaced w/ regular phillips screws)
Hacksaw (to cut off the reset button from the original SNES PCB)

Feel free to ask anymore questions, always glad to help.