Join the club…I delt with all the same frustrations as you, trust me. Truth is, the only legit way to do the scraping is manually, and even then, you will have to pay attention to the roms it auto names (which it will do even though it’s supposed to be manual). Then you have to go back through the gamelist.xml to delete the games it renamed wrong. I manually scraped all my nes, snes, genesis, and psx roms. It took FOREVER…but I think it was worth it, because you only have to do each emu once, then save the entire directory to include the gamelist.xml to your PC, and you can just reuse it over and over again.

As far as the es_scraper crashing in the middle of your C list…did it create a partial gamelist.xml? If it did, open it up and see what game it failed to write. You may have a “C” game with a variable the scraper can’t read. For example, it happened to me with the Sega Genesis game André Agassi’s Tennis. The scraper couldn’t read the é. Once I deleted the game, the scraper was able to finish. Check it out and let me know what you find.